...       Question.  Why have a written contract?

Answer. Written agreements provide documentation or evidence of each party's expectations. Having the contract is proof of what was agreed to and may help prevent misunderstandings later on.

Q.  What does "Jurisdiction" mean?

A.    A jurisdiction is a place that has its own laws.  For example, California is a jurisdiction in the United States, Ontario is a jurisdiction in Canada.

Q.    What is the "Governing Law"?

A.    A legal document is governed by the law of the jurisdiction where the actions of the parties will be performed.

Q.    What is meant by Joint & Several liability?

A.     This means that all liable parties are equally & personally liable for the obligations of a judgment, loan, debt or other liabilities.

Q.     What does it mean to "Execute" a document?

A.      When a person "executes" a document, he or she signs it with the proper "formalities".

Q.      What is the difference between an effective date and an execution date?

A.      The execution date is the date that the party signs the document.  The effective date is the date that the agreement becomes effective & can be a specified date other than the date the agreement was signed. 

Q.      What is proof of service?

A.       Proof of Service is evidence  that can be introduced into court to verify that the party did in fact receive a copy of a document.